Shinko Ogata



A graduate from the faculty of music of world-renown Toho Gakuen University, Ms. Shinko OGATA successfully passed the competitive NHK Classical Western Music Audition. During her university days, she played the piano for Tokyo Orchestra, etc.

Since 1987, she is a guest performer of the NHK SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. She is also an active lead chamber musician.

In addition, she played with Michel Schwalbe who is the solo concert-master of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and then with Soprano Renata Scotto and Bass Nicolai Ghiaurov. What is more, she is the only such versatile Ensemble Pianist in Japan. For instance, she performed as a piano soloist in the RCC Radio Drama “Black Crucifixion of Hiroshima”, which received the 2001 Grand Prix at the Festival of Arts of Japan’s AGENCY FOR CULTURAL AFFAIRS.

In 2006, she played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Slovenia “Slovenska filharmonija”.

In 2007, she performed as soloist with the Jerusalem Symphony 

Orchestra of Israel in Israel upon invitation.

She has sold many CDs and albums as a piano soloist (movie” GODZILLA”,“ULTRASEVEN”, “Spirited Away”) with “Children’s Beyaer’s Micky” produced by Yamaha, in “Final Fantasy”ViiiX-iii, in “Kingdom Hearts”, and in the famous movie a “Symphonic Spectacular Film.” Thanks to her innovation and leadership, the Children’s Beyaer’s Micky, which featured 500 pieces of her music with teaching and learning instructions, became the best selling music manuals ever until today.

She was the lead pianist in NHK Morning TV Dramas as the “Suzuran” (Lady of the Valley) and then “Asuka”. She was also a piano soloist for the 

film “Shitsurakuen” (Lost Paradise). She has acted in many films, especially as a classical music player. She performed with Conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch and Pianist Jorg Demus, and with the Queen of Gospel Doris Troy, with Okarina player Jiro-Sou. She played the piano solo version for the NHK Ogawa Drama Epic “Shinsen Gumi”. Then she was a piano soloist in special programs about the Imperial Family “Omedeto Prince Norinomiya Sama”.

She was the piano soloist for the TBS drama “Karei Naru Ichizoku” with Takuya Kimura as main actor. And then she was the piano soloist for NHK morning TV Drama “Dondohare”, and so on.

In 2007, she was the piano soloist in the film “HERO” with the main actors as Kimura Takuya and Kiichi Nakai. She taught at Tokyo College of Music. She was President of Jury for Sumiya Piano Concert. She was a member of the jury for Japan Grand Soloist Contest and Personal Audition.

From October 2007 to March 2008, she was Piano soloist for the NHK morning TV Drama “CHIRI TO TE CHIN”.

On December 31st, 2007, she participated in the NHK New Year Song Concert ‘KOUHAKU’: she played ‘Thousand Winds’(I am a thousand winds that blow).

In 2008, she played for NHK Thursday Historical Drama “Kurama Tengu”, the NHK Special ‘Kaikyou’ and the TBS “THE WORLD HERITAGE” Program.

Ms. Shinko OGATA has produced many CDs of children’s songs, and published several instructions manuals for teaching and learning music. She has given advice to several film directors and coached actors and actresses playing pianist roles in movies. She was the piano soloist during the commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary for the great earthquake Hanshin Awaji, sponsored by NHK”Japan Broadcasting Corporation”.

She was the Piano soloist for stories about the atomic bombardment of Nagasaki, whose main narrator is actress Sayuri Yoshinaga.

She played for the 60th Anniversary of the War Jubilee. She performed for the 80th Anniversary of ‘HARU TO NATSU’, the undelivered letter Music by Watanabe Toshiyuki, and she played Solo- Piano for the 50th Anniversary of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

Ms. Shinko OGATA is one-of-a-kind pianist, she is truly a sensational pianist blessed with charisma and beauty!



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